The Canadian province of New Brunswick often reopens its New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market stream, part of the New Brunswick PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), for Express Entry candidates who meet specific criteria.

New Brunswick PNP Eligibility Requirements

You must meet below eligibility requirements and have an active Express Entry Profile.

1) Connection to New Brunswick

You can show connection to New Brunswick by proving any of these:

  • Living in New Brunswick and working in a full-time, paid, position from a New Brunswick employer. The position must be skill type 0 or skill level A or B of the NOC; or,
  • Have an offer of continuous, paid, full-time employment from a New Brunswick company in an occupation listed as skill type 0 or skill level A or B of the NOC; or,
  • Have been proactively selected by New Brunswick from the federal Express Entry pool.

2) Intention to reside in New Brunswick

You must have genuine intentions to reside in New Brunswick. The province may ask for evidence to establish your intentions

3) Settlement Funds

You must have enough settlement funds to support you and your family (even if they are not accompanying). You do not need to show settlement funds if you have a valid job offer

Follow this link to see updated PoF requirements (updated 12/2/2019)

4) NOC 0, A or B occupation

Your Job Offer or your work experience must be in NOC 0, A or B occupation. The onus is on the applicant to prove that they are qualified for NOC 0, A or B occupation.

5) Offer of employment (if applicable)

If you’ve received a Job Offer, it must be:

  • By a New Brunswick employer
  • Permanent (no end date), full time ( 30 hours per week, or 1,560 hours per year ), year-round (non-seasonal) employment
  • In an eligible occupation (NOC 0, A or B).

6) Competitive wage (if applicable)

The Job Offer wage must:

  • Meet or exceed the median wage for the occupation.
  • Be comparable to the compensation to workers with similar training & experience for equivalent jobs
  • Align with the general compensation structure of your employer.

7) Regulated occupations (if applicable)

If your job offer is in a regulated occupation then you need to licensed or certified by the governing authority for that occupation.

Selection Factors

For Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream, simply meeting the above eligibility requirements is not sufficient. You must also pass the required score in Selection Factors.

Selection factors for New Brunswick PNP are very similar to Federal Skilled Worker Six Selection Factors. You must meet requirements of Education, Language, Age, Work Experience, Arranged Employment and Adaptability and score at least 67/100 in the assessment score.

1) Age : Max 12 Points

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream 7

2) Official Languages: Max 28 points

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream 8

You can easily convert your language tests to CLB through our CLB Converter Tool

3) Education: Max 25 points

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream 9

4) Work Experience: Max 15 points

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream 10

5) Arranged Employment in New Brunswick (max 10 points)

6) Adaptability (max 10 points)

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream 11

Program Page for full details

Eligibility requirements:

Application Guides and Forms

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