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If you have Immigration content that will help immigration community and move the knowledge forward, we are happy to publish it for you on XpertImm. You don’t have to wait for an idea to redefine immigration. Just strive to give readers a new perspective or knowledge on a subject that keeps them up at night. […]


Hiring Canada Immigration Consulting Services

When hiring Canada Immigration Consulting services, make sure you hire a representative that satisfies one of these conditions from IRCC: Is a citizenship or immigration consultant who is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Is a Lawyer or notary who is a member of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society, or the […]

Living in Calgary Alberta
City Guides Newcomer Settlement

Living in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, a Canadian city in western Alberta, sits in an area of foothills and prairie at the junction of Bow River and Elbow River. It is around 80 km east of the Canadian Rockies, a scenic area at the easternmost of Canadian Cordillera. Calgary is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in Canada with over […]

Express Entry

Canada Immigration Resources on ImmiSocial

Here’s a list of all the important and free resources you will find on ImmiSocial. Find Guides, Networking Groups, Tools and other resources to make your Canada Immigration journey less stressful. Express Entry Blogs Canada Express Entry: Introduction and Steps Canada Express Entry Eligibility Express Entry Draw, CRS, Pool & Invitation to Apply (ITA) How […]


7 Amazing Reasons To Study In Canada

Have you ever tried looking for destinations worldwide and ask yourself where could be that perfect place? A place where you can continue your educational studies. A country with schools that are sure to give you top quality and internationally respected education to help you reach your dream career? You’re not alone. Every student wants […]

Canadian Tax Facts 2020
Newcomer Settlement

Personal Finance & Taxes for Newcomers in Canada

Determining how much money you need is one of the initial steps in processing your entry to Canada. You most likely already have money allocated to help with your move to the country. With that being said, here’s a helpful guide to help you on the basics of personal finance in Canada like which financial […]

Newcomer Settlement

Canada Weather Tips

People, culture and work have patterns. And if you’re finding it hard to control these patterns you can simply adjust or stay away from them. Canada Weather Tips, on the other hand, is unpredictable, merciless or kind. Regardless of how accurate forecasters’ devices have become, there’s no denying that one cannot absolutely safeguard oneself self […]

Express Entry

Express Entry Work Experience Requirements

To be eligible for the Canada Express Entry program, aside from language ability and education, you must have previous work experience. Your work experience must be under skill type 0, or skill level A or B. Important: Skilled work experience means that you have the required work experience for Express Entry under one of the […]

Immigration General Topics

Canada Immigration Abbreviations / Jargons / Acronyms

Here are some most commonly used acronyms in Express Entry : CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada (on some pages the name CIC has been updated to IRCC) IRCC : Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada AOR – Acknowledgement of Receipt : Initial confirmation from CIC that they have received your file/application. CEC – Canadian Experience […]

Newcomer Settlement

How to get your SIN Number in Canada

Canada requires all nationals and immigrants to get SIN Number in Canada or have a Social Insurance Number. Like the US that provides an SSS number to each of its registered residents, the SIN works similarly as a unique 9-digit number, that identifies individuals who earn money through work and investments, pay taxes, contribute to […]

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