AINP Express Entry has 3 sub-streams, the Alberta Opportunity Stream, the Self-Employed Farmer Stream and the Alberta Express Entry Stream. But let us just focus on the Alberta Express Entry Stream because this is much relevant for you.

Based on the profile information you submitted in the Express Entry system, Alberta may select candidates and send them a Notification of Interest letter in their respective federal Express Entry profile.

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program / AINP Express Entry

As of June 14, 2018, Express Entry candidates applying for permanent residency in Alberta Canada have been able to obtain a provincial nomination under the new Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) Express Entry Stream. Based on this year’s report (May 2021), AINP Express Entry candidates having CRS scores as low as 300 have been invited to apply for provincial nomination under the Alberta Express Entry stream.

Candidates under this stream are contacted directly and invited by the AINP to submit an application under the Alberta Express Entry stream. Those candidates who demonstrated strong ties to Alberta and have the capability and the potential to support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities will be getting an invitation to apply.

Alberta Express Entry Stream – Eligibility Requirements Summary

You can only submit your application if you receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) letter from Alberta; make sure to determine if you meet the following checklist to be considered for nomination:

Plus one or more of the following adaptability factors could increase your chances of being nominated:

  • Valid Alberta job offer and/or work experience;
  • Graduation from an Alberta post-secondary institution with a valid Alberta job offer, or
  • Parent, child, brother/sister, who is a permanent resident living in Alberta, or a Canadian citizen living in Alberta.

Note: Starting October 1, 2020, all candidates (except Self-Employed Farmer Stream candidates) can apply online using the AINP portal. Alberta Express Entry Stream candidates must receive authorization from the AINP to access the portal.

Due to key changes in immigration to Alberta Canada program, it will be now be simpler for applicants, more efficient for the government, and will be much responsive with the emerging labour-market demands.To those international graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions, you may also be asked to submit an application under this stream.

Factors that tend to decrease the chances of receiving an NOI letter:

  • An Express Entry profile expiring in 5 months or less.
  • Working in an occupation that has one or more of the following traits:

A. It is on the list of High-wage and low-wage occupations in the province of Alberta that the Government of Canada sets out on the list of Refusal to Process a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

B. It has a high volume of submissions across AINP streams.

C. The occupation is on the list of Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations.

For more details, access these links:

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Alberta Express Entry How to Apply

For selection criteria under Alberta Express Entry Stream:

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