The guiding principle of XpertImm is simple – we want to provide a safe, modern & innovative platform to Canada Immigration applicants looking to hire authorized representatives. We do this by offering a highly curated platform where each listed Expert is reviewed by our team and by continuously improving our platform that helps users discover great service providers every day. Here’s some information on steps we take before (& after) listing a Professional on XpertImm.

Step 1: Intake Request

We collect information from every professional who expresses interest in signing up through our Controlled Intake Process. Professionals are required to provide information regarding their authorization, business, public profiles, contact information, years of experience as a licensed representative and more. XpertImm only accepts requests from Regulated Immigration Consultants, Immigration Lawyers and Paralegals (ON) that meet the IRCC requirements to represent your application. We handpick licensed professionals and verify their licensing status every month. 

Step 2: Verification

With this information, our team verifies that the listed professional is licensed to practice in Canada, identify what authorizing body they are a member of and that they have no disciplinary actions publicly recorded with their authorizing body. When applicable, we further review the professional’s website, LinkedIn, and other public profiles. We look into any concerning reviews left by past clients. 

Step 3: Connect Call/Decision

Above steps provide us ample amount of information to Approve or Deny the intake request. If approved, our team then works with the Professional to create their Profile and Listings.  

Step 4: Ongoing Calibration

We don’t stop once a Professional is approved for the Platform. We validate each professionals license/membership status on a monthly basis. We take unsatisfactory reviews and feedback from our Users very seriously. As a result, if the authorization status of a Professional changes or their reviews reflect a concerning pattern, we will investigate the situation and determine if the Professional can remain on the Platform.

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