• Internationally recognized: multiple universities of Canada are featured in the top institutes of the world.
  • Affordable education: The cost of university in Canada is reasonable. In fact, the community colleges in Canada also offer education at a lesser cost as compared to its other western counterparts.
  • Quality, advanced education: Canadian education is bolstered by its rigorous quality controls and high academic standards.
  • Campus lifestyle: The post-secondary campuses of Canada offer tremendous possibilities for leisure and learning.
  • Multicultural society: The society of Canada isn’t just multicultural, it’s polite and friendly as well.
  • Long-term advantage: The long-term advantage of permanent residency is something people can look up to.
  • Career prospects: The career prospects in Canada are immense as the economy continues to grow.
  • Reasonable expenses: The cost of living and studying in Canada is quite reasonable.

Can I Work While I Am Studying In Canada?

  • While studying, you may be eligible to work in Canada provided that your permit consists of a condition that allows you to work on or off-campus.
  • You won’t be allowed to work before your studies commence.
  • You need to meet every other requirement.

Can I Stay In Canada And Immigrate Permanently After I Am A Student?

  • Being an international student studying in Canada, you’re considered as a temporary resident. The Canadian government expects that you’ll leave Canada, unless you have an approved extension/permit or you apply for another visa type.
  • Once you have completed your studies, you may be eligible for an Open Work Permit which will allow you to continue working in Canada for the allowed period of time.

Can I Bring My Family With Me While I Study?

  • Yes, you may be allowed to bring your common-law partner or spouse along with dependent children with you to Canada.
  • They may be eligible for a visitor visa, work or study permit.
  • When applying for your study permit, you must submit their applications online.

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