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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We are a Canadian tech platform aiming to make licensed Immigration Representative search simpler for Canada Immigration applicants. We provide a safe, modern & innovative digital discovery platform for anyone looking to hire authorized representatives for Canada Immigration.

Through XpertImm, Licensed Immigration Professionals (Regulated Immigration Consultants, Immigration Lawyers and Paralegals) can list their consulting services for over 60 programs and get discovered by prospective Canada Immigration applicants.

XpertImm is not an immigration consulting service and does not directly provide any legal immigration application advice to our users. We also do not act as agents of Immigration Professionals and do not act on Immigration Professional’s behalf. We provide a technology solution that enables Immigration Professionals to market their services to our users who are then able to conveniently identify, communicate and engage the services of listed Immigration Professionals. 

Only authorized representatives that are currently practicing in Canada, with an Active membership status from authorizing bodies are allowed to list their services on XpertImm.

If you are not Authorized or Active member or based in Canada, please do not proceed with the intake form. As part of our Quality Control Process we verify information provided on Intake Form 


We recommend scheduling a connect call to get a live demo of XpertImm features. We also cover Pricing plans, Intake process and next steps in our connect call.

If you prefer to try XpertImm yourself, you can visit our demo site. Note that this is a Sandbox environment for demo purposes only. The demo site will reset to default every 24 hours and any changes will be removed. Use the following when prompted for login:

As a launch special offer, we are extending a 60 days free trial of our platform to our early users. You’ll be able to add your services for free (we will help set up your pages), test our features for 60 days and then decide if XpertImm is the right fit for you.

Please complete the Intake Form to apply. We will review the submission and contact you with next steps.

We will review your submission and verify your license/authorization/membership information. If additional information is needed, our team will reach out to you. If no additional information is needed, we will set up a connect call with you to understand more about you and your consulting services. We then begin creating your free trial account and service listings. Once created, we will send you the account credentials so you can review the account/services details and optimize it further. Your account & services pages will remain hidden status until launch. The 60 day countdown on your Free Trial will only begin after launch. 

And of course, we’ll keep you updated with our work to keep the whole process totally transparent!

Once your Free Trial account is active, you will have unrestricted access to all the available features to test XpertImm. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions for you as well. If you don’t like what XpertImm has to offer, you are able to delete your listings anytime or contact us to do it for you. 

We do not collect any payment information for the Free Trial plan so we do not automatically upgrade your account or lock your account into a paid plan after the Free Trial. 

Your listing expires (unless you upgrade to a paid plan prior to expiry). 

During the Free Trial you will have the opportunity to upgrade your account at a discounted launch special pricing. You will also have the opportunity to lock-in the launch special pricing for upto 12 months. Simply let us know and we will move you to the upgraded plan.

Our launch special pricing plan is simple; they are priced between CAD 349-499 per month depending on duration of the package you select (Monthly to Annual). More details in our Pricing page

No. We do not operate with a free basic model and limit basic features until you upgrade (for example, you get a free listing but cannot edit it until you pay. You get a free listing that’s just 1 of the other thousands of free listing hidden under hundreds of pages. You get a free listing but cannot engage with potential customers until you upgrade. You get a free listing but cannot be verified until you upgrade. You get a free listing but built-in enquiry options are not enabled till you upgrade. You get a free listing but pay a high cost per lead. You get a free listing but need to upgrade to remove a competitor’s ad from your page!!)

Your XpertImm listing is packed with conversion focused features and you get them for a simple & transparent pricing plan. You get unlimited edits on your pages, all profile owners are Verified for free, all profiles are enabled to interact with customers, your visitors can submit enquiries to you if to get additional info, all business profiles are conversion optimized to drive more success for you.

The guiding principle of XpertImm is simple – we want to 1) provide a safe, modern & innovative discovery platform to Canada Immigration applicants looking for authorized representatives and 2) create business opportunities for customer-centric service providers. Our approach is to work with limited number of highly customer-centric service providers and actively work towards building value for them. Our pricing reflects the overall value proposition that we create for our service providers. For everything else there is always the free world of Internet!! 

Our marketing strategy is global and digital-first. We deploy multi-channel approach with a healthy mix of organic & paid marketing efforts including but not limited to:

  • Targeted Google/YouTube campaigns
  • Compelling, targeted ads with Retargeting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google PPC & Google Display
  • New high-quality content targeting top keywords
  • Quality backlinks & Outreach campaigns from high Authority Websites
  • Ongoing Core Vitals optimization
  • Ad creative copies for Targeted Facebook/Instagram campaigns
  • Map optimization and inclusion on map platforms
  • Funnel Analysis & Optimization

You not only get a digital presence where your customers are, but also have reputation & conversion focused features made available to you!

Here are a few more features designed to drive additional visibility for you:

  • Our listing pages are SEO optimized with the right metadata driving organic search engine visibility.
  • Our search & filter features are designed to make discovery easier for the end customers. Applicants no longer need to navigate through hundreds of websites to find the right service for them.
  • Our Post A Request feature is designed for busy customers who do not look forward to sending dozens of enquiries. Customers can submit 1 request which is then routed to listed services. You can chose to respond to those enquiries if they align with your offerings. 
  • Your listings are conversion optimized with the ability for your visitors to Favorite your listing for later reference.
  • Your service/business details are added to your member profile to increase visibility when somebody visits your profile. 
  • Your personal profile is added to your Service Listings allowing visitors to review any other services listed by you.
  • Our Live Chat service will help visitors navigate to the right listing categories based on their needs.
  • Our Social media campaigns will include promotion of our listed services.
  • Prospective clients have the ability to reach you through direct message and other contact information you’ve provided on your service listings.
  • Your profile page and listings are beautifully designed for all screen sizes; reducing any friction from your prospective clients reaching you.
  • You also have unrestricted access to our Guest Blog feature allowing you to write unlimited number of blogs/guides for the community. Your Profile will be promoted through the Author section of the blog page. We work on Search Engine Optimization of your Guest Blogs for free. 

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