Applicants who wish to consult a licensed service provider spend several days (if not weeks) only to find a service provider that not only meets their unique requirements but is willing to work on their case. We strongly believe that this process of discovery is way too time consuming, complicated and frustrating. Our Post Your Enquiry feature is an innovative solution to this very common frustration in Canada Immigration Services industry.

In 3 simple steps, you can submit your enquiry/need which is directly accessible by licensed immigration consulting service providers. Interested service providers can then quickly respond to your enquiry with their service/offers. You decide which service provider you prefer to work with and continue the conversation with them.

Offers in simple term is a response from Service providers that are interested in working on your enquiry. The offer will typically include these 3 sections to help you get a quick overview: 

A) What’s Included – Items/Activities/Deliverable that are within scope of the offer)
B) What’s Not Included – Items/Activities/Deliverable that are outside scope of the offer)
C) Offer Valid Till – Date until which the offer remains valid. 

Absolutely not! We’ve built XpertImm to make the process of discovery simpler and convenient. Our messaging system adds to this convenience but you can contact the service provider using other contact methods listed on their profile/listings.

Enquiry page is accessible only to our listed Service Providers. Licensed service providers undergo specialized training in handling Client information and receive further guidance from their authorizing bodies on code of business conduct and professional ethics. We recommend using your best judgement when adding sensitive information in enquiries.

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