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What is XpertImm?

XpertImm is a Canadian tech startup providing a safe & innovative digital marketplace for anyone looking to hire reliable, verified, high quality, legally licensed Canada Immigration consulting services. Users can find an Immigration Expert ideal for their needs, post their inquiry and start receiving offers from licensed immigration Experts in minutes!

Is it safe to use XpertImm?

Preventing Immigration services scams is one of the main reasons we created XpertImm. All of our core team members are recent immigrants to Canada and we completely understand how immigration fraud can shatter hopes.

In 2014, founder of XpertImm began exploring Canada Permanent Residence options and lost 8 months of savings to wrong advice from an unlicensed & unregulated (yet popular!!) immigration consultant in their home country. Almost 8 years since this personal setback with the unlicensed consultant, the immigration services market continues to have unlicensed agents & consultants breaking the law by consulting clients on their immigration applications.
Finding & hiring a reliable, verified, high quality, legally licensed Immigration expert should not be this difficult in 2021. Hence XpertImm!

How are Experts listed on XpertImm?

The guiding principle of XpertImm is simple – we want to provide a safe, modern & innovative platform to Canada Immigration applicants looking to hire authorized representatives. Only 1) Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants and Immigration Lawyers that 2) meet the IRCC definition of authorized representatives AND 3) are currently practicing in Canada, 4) with an Active membership status from authorizing bodies qualify to list their services on XpertImm. Each eligible Expert is then invited & personally reviewed by our core team prior to approval. We don’t stop insisting on high quality once an Expert is approved on the Platform. We validate each Expert’s license status on a monthly basis. We take unsatisfactory reviews and feedback from our Users very seriously. As a result, if the authorization status of a Professional changes or their verified reviews reflect a concerning pattern, we will investigate the situation and determine if the Professional can remain listed on XpertImm. Here’s some information on steps we take before (& after) listing a Professional on XpertImm.

What does it cost to use XpertImm?

XpertImm is absolutely FREE for applicants and will remain FREE. XpertImm is not an immigration consulting firm and does not directly provide any legal immigration application advice to our users. We provide a technology solution that enables users to conveniently identify, communicate and engage the services of listed Immigration Professionals.

How much do Experts charge?

Consultation fee varies tremendously based on immigration programs, complexity of your specific case, number of people in the application, type of service (full service, hourly, stage based etc). As a general summary, a full representation of Permanent Residence application typically costs between CAD 1.5k-4k. Study permits could range from CAD 1k-2k. Family Sponsorship CAD 2k-5k. Many Experts often split their retainer fee (consulting fee) into stage based payments. Time-based consultations typically cost in the range of CAD100-300 per hour with a lot of service providers applying this amount as a discount if you retain their services for a full representation. The consultation fee generally does not include government fee such as application processing fee. Note that these are very high level ranges provided for your understanding only. As stated earlier, actuals may vary.

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