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We are a Canadian tech platform aiming to make licensed Immigration Representative search simpler for Canada Immigration applicants. We provide a safe, modern & innovative digital discovery platform for anyone looking to hire authorized representatives for Canada Immigration.

Through XpertImm, Licensed Immigration Professionals (Regulated Immigration Consultants and Immigration Lawyers) can list their consulting services and get discovered by prospective Canada Immigration applicants.

XpertImm is not an immigration consulting service and does not directly provide any legal immigration application advice to our users. We also do not act as agents of Immigration Professionals and do not act on Immigration Professional’s behalf. We provide a technology solution that enables Immigration Professionals to market their services to our users who are then able to conveniently identify, communicate and engage the services of listed Immigration Professionals.

Only authorized representatives that are currently practicing in Canada, with an Active membership status from authorizing bodies are allowed to list their services on XpertImm.

If you are not Authorized or Active member or based in Canada, please do not proceed with the intake form. As part of our Quality Control Process we verify information provided on Intake Form 

Technology has disrupted industries by bringing speed, selection and convenience for the end users. XpertImm brings that intuitive digital approach to Immigration consulting services discovery. We know professionals spend too much time on non-billable activities like marketing, lead qualification and prospecting.

XpertImm allows you to connect with customers looking for Canada immigration consulting services. We connect you with serious customers who have clear intent of hiring a professional for their immigration consulting needs. We do the hard work of finding customers so you can focus on engaging them for billable work and delivering great experience.

For professionals, it goes like this:

  1. Create account
  2. Review lead details – we will start sending you email alerts when there are new leads. 
  3. Connect with leads that match your preference. 

Once you confirm interest in a lead, you will receive their contact information. Then it is business as usual. You can contact the customers outside of XpertImm using their phone number and/or email info. How you deliver or charge for your services does not change (we don’t take a cut of your billings either). With XpertImm, you add a new cost-effective customer acquisition stream and create new channels for your target customer to find you.

We connect customer’s specific requirements with your lead preferences. And we deploy effective technology to make this discovery streamlined & smarter for both parties.

If you still have questions or you require further assistance, please contact support

Only 1) IRCC defined authorized representatives (RCICs and Immigration Lawyers) that are 2) currently practicing in Canada, with an 3) Active membership status from authorizing bodies are allowed to list their services on XpertImm. If you are not Authorized or Active Member of ICCRC/Canadian Law Societies or currently practicing in Canada, please do not proceed further. We will verify your license/authorization/membership information.

If you meet ALL the above requirements, then you can create an account and submit your profile by following the instructions here. We will review the submission and contact you if additional info is needed. If all required information is available, your Service will be active within 24 hours.

We offer a 30 days free trial for all new users. While your free trial is active, you will have unrestricted access to all the available features to test XpertImm. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions for you as well. If you don’t like what XpertImm has to offer, you are able to cancel your monthly subscription or contact us to do it for you. Your credit card is only charged after the ]trial period.  

After your free trial, we also offer a 90 day full refund if you are not seeing results through your participation on XpertImm. We are here to connect real people looking for advice with professionals looking to expand their business. We stand by that promise.


We offer a monthly subscription pricing model.

We do not charge you per lead or take a cut out of your earnings. There are no long term contracts with any of our plans. Cancel any time. Billing is monthly and you’ll only be charged after your Free Trial.

Registered Experts

Experts – these are IRCC authorized representatives {RCICs, Immigration Lawyers, Paralegal (ON)} that are based in Canada and listed on XpertImm

Inquiry – these are customers/leads that fill our Inquiry form.

Alerts – these are emails you receive when a new Inquiry is available. 

Connect – when you are interested in a customer/lead you will need to click on “Connect to reveal” link to reveal their contact details. You can then contact the customer outside of XpertImm.

Match – When you confirm your interest in the lead (by clicking on “Connect to reveal” link to reveal their contact details), it’s called a Match for the customer.

Estimate – a personalized quote/fee range/estimate that you send to customer/lead through our Inquiry system.

Absolutely! On our Inquiries page, you are able to filter the available inquiries based on your preference for these 15 attributes: 

1. Immigration category

2. Immigration program(s)

3. Current Canada Immigration Status 

4. Current application stage

5. Budget range

6. Consultation type

7. Consultation delivery preference

8. Age range

9. English Proficiency

10. French Proficiency

11. Highest level of education

12. Years of Work Experience

13. Canadian Job Offer

14. Family in Canada

15. Accompanying family member count. 

You will receive an email when there are new Inquiries (prospective clients seeking services). The email alerts will contain useful information related to the lead to help you decide if the lead matches your preferences. You decide the specific leads you wish to connect with (that’s when we inform the customers that there’s a Match). That’s right, you set the pace!

If you still have questions or you require further assistance, please contact support

Absolutely! As Experts on Canada Immigration programs we encourage you to review the available details and if the profile suits a different path/program, then share that recommendation/insight in your response to the requester.

To prevent unauthorized access or sharing of contact information, the contact information is hidden by default. To access customer’s available contact information (phone number and/or email), all you need to do is click on “Connect to reveal” link within their Inquiry page. This action will 

  1. Reveal customer’s available contact information on their Inquiry page
  2. We will add the Inquiry under the Connected Leads section of your account for future reference
  3. You will receive an email with customer’s available contact information (so you can also contact them outside XpertImm)
  4. We will share your XpertImm profile with the customer and recommend them to contact you as well
  5. Customers will see your XpertImm profile in their Matched Experts section for future reference

All listed Experts have access to the list of active leads but lead contact details are only shared with first 10 Experts that confirm interest in connecting with the lead.

We recommend confirming your interest in the lead by connecting with them asap (ideally within 48 hours of receiving Alert).

Sharing XpertImm leads with other immigration consulting service providers is a direct violation of our terms of use and will result in suspension of account.

Our customers expect to be contacted by authorized representatives that they see in their XpertImm account’s “Matched Experts” section. We ask customers to report any instances of them being contacted by a service provider that is not listed in their “Matched Experts” section.  

Make the best first impression with a great profile — your profile is one of the places customers will look at when choosing which professional to hire. A great profile catches the attention of the customer whilst showcasing your business and the services you provide.


  • A clearly formatted and well written profile description which includes the key points customers should see without being too long (think of your FAQs and include some of them here)
  • Up to date contact details
  • Complete all required fields
  • A professional headshot or team photo. Logo works too but is not the preferred option.
  • Links to your own business website and social media pages
  • Updated calendar information
  • Reviews from happy customers (you can display your Google reviews on your XpertImm listing; contact us to do it for you.

Our technology optimizes discovery and initiates the match, but your engagement plays a huge role in earning the business. We help you get to that point quicker.

Our advice: start with a compelling profile then optimize your response on an ongoing basis.

Once you start receiving new Inquiry Alerts, review the Inquiries at least once per day and if interested in working with a lead, Connect with them as soon as you can. This is now your opportunity to engage with the prospect and earn their business! Keep it casual and conversational to start. The more responsive and interactive you are – and the more value your response highlights – the more likely you are to earn the business. ‎

Once you’ve been matched with the customer, you will receive customer’s contact information immediately.  We recommend that you call or email the customer within the next 48 hours. 

A customer’s decision is largely going to be based on their own assessment of your offering – sometimes despite having a great service or making a good first impression they may just decide to hire another professional. 

Whilst you are unlikely to hear back from every customer you connect with, there are lots of things you can do to encourage conversation, such as;

  1. Respond quickly: Customers like to hear from professionals as soon as possible. Responding quickly tremendously improves your chances of conversion.
  2. Personalize: the response to establish connection.
  3. Highlight Value: (benefits, expertise, security, end goal) you provide to your clients in your Response.
  4. Provide an estimate fee range for the service in question (customers appreciate having all details with least amount of follow-up/friction). 
  5. Iterate: don’t settle for a blanket template. Create several targeted templates and experiment often. 
  6. Make sure your profile is complete and your bio is compelling. We strongly recommend a professional headshot (logos are unique but are known to be impersonal)

If you still have questions or you require further assistance, please contact chat support

Your first response should ideally include key points about your business and what you offer; a short, clear description of how you can help the customer; a basic quote or estimate and your contact details. Review the submission details on this page. Based on the information available, you can send targeted and conversion focussed response to the prospects; for example –

  1. Potential program(s) or alternative paths to consider
  2. Your expertise on such program(s)
  3. Your interest in working on their case
  4. Next steps to engage your services
  5. Your process & price range for the specific program
  6. Share your preferred contact information with the requester etc.

Sure. A great first message helps grab customer’s attention and builds a good chance of getting hired.

Here’s an example (we strongly recommend you create a few versions catering to different needs e.g Immigration Category).

Thank you for your Inquiry.

I/We am/are (name) a (license type: RCIC, Immigration lawyer) who has been practicing in the areas of _____ and for _ years. I/We got into the business because_______ (include a few lines About you). I’d/We’d like to ___ (review/understand/connect/work) and see how I/We can help.

My/Our typical clients are ___ (for example, students, professionals, business owners or large enterprises), who value _____ and understand that in working with me/us, they can ___ (what benefits, expertise, security, end goal, or value do you bring). You can see client reviews & testimonials (link).

My/Our fees for ____ (program/stream/immigration category) varies based on ____ (few of the several factors) but typically is in the range of ______ (minimum) to ______ (maximum) (paid upfront / split into different milestones).

I/We believe in transparency of fees & services with clients so there are no surprises. All fee, billing method, payment schedule, scope of service, application process will be (are available on our website/explained upfront/added to Retainer agreement etc).

If you are interested in proceeding further, please: (provide next steps for the user to begin working with you/hire your services) You can contact me on (email), (phone) if you need additional information.

I/We wish you the best with your immigration journey.

Please reach out through our Chat Support with any further questions. 

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