Federal Skilled Worker Program Points System

If you are currently outside Canada and do not have Canadian Education/Work Experience, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program is the program that is most likely to be applicable to you. FSW Canada Program uses a 100 points scoring system which is commonly referred to as Federal Skilled Worker Points or Six Selection Factors Points. One important point to remember with FSW Program is that you must score at least 67/100 points on the “Six selection factors”. 

Note that if your score on the Six Selection Factors is lower than 67 points, you will not be eligible as a Federal Skilled Worker. This is true even if the Come to Canada tool shows you are eligible. So it is extremely important for candidates applying under FSW stream to manually double-check their eligibility against Federal Skilled Worker Six Selection Factor scores rather than just rely on Come to Canada tool results.

Six Selection Factors for FSW Points will determine your suitability based on six factors including your language ability, education level, work experience, age, Canadian employer, and your ability to adapt.

1. English and/or French skills

Your language levels based on language test scores must be at least CLB 7 for English and NCLC 7 for French in either official language in all 4 areas (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

2. Education

You must present a certificate or diploma for studies in Canada (secondary or post-secondary) or an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)  for foreign education.

3. Experience

You must have the necessary work experience in the NOC you have identified.

4. Age

You get the highest points if you are between the ages of 18 to 35 years old.

5. Arranged employment in Canada

You get additional points if you have at least 1-year job offer from a Canadian company. This also applies if you currently work in Canada with a work permit.

6. Adaptability

You and your spouse or common-law earn higher points for adaptability based on language levels, education, employment, and relatives in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator

You can use this simple tool to check whether you meet the minimum requirements based on the Six selection factors of the FSW program. Based on simple inputs the tool will instantly calculate and display your scores.

Once you have determined that you score the minimum 67/100, the next step would be to Calculate your CRS Score.  Once you have established that you are eligible for the FSW program, you can proceed to submit your Express Entry profile. Then you will be considered in future Express Entry draws and receive an Invitation to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence.

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