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IRCC Contact Number In Canada:


IRCC Contact Number Outside Canada:

IRCC recommends contacting through Web Form you are outside Canada

Report a Technical Issue

If you have not yet submitted your application

How to “Report a technical issue”?

If you have not submitted an application yet, then you can report technical issues using “Report a technical issue” button. You will find this button at the top corner of your MyCIC account page (after you login). Follow this link (you need to be logged in): 

Case Specific Enquiry IRCC

If you have already submitted your application then you can submit a Case Specific Enquiry.

How to Submit a Case Specific Enquiry ? 

On Case Specific Enquiry page simply

  1. Fill up basic information such as Name, DOB, Country of birth, File # (Express Entry profile number), Telephone number (optional), Type of application
  2. Provide details or explain your enquiry
  3. Attach supporting docs and
  4. Sign the Consent and Disclaimer
  5. Submit.

You should get a response in roughly 2 weeks if IRCC deems a response to be appropriate for the enquiry

Apart from reporting technical issues, you can also use Case Specific Enquiry link for other communications as well. For example, change in information such as address, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, changes in employment, change of representative or urgent requests.

Contact Local Visa Office

Other useful sources to contact CIC or IRCC :

IRCCs Twitter account : very active. You can find out about scheduled maintenance for the website here.
IRCCs Facebook Page
Subscribe to Express Entry email updates [official]
IRCC YouTube Channel

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