Express Entry Cost

Canada Express Entry total cost is subject to change without notice and the cost varies based on location. You will be able to find the latest information on all official IRCC fees here.

For easier reference, a breakdown of cost of express entry canada visa is provided below:

  1. Express Entry Application processing fees (also called Cost recovery fees): 825 CAD for each person in the application (225 CAD per dependent child under 22 years of age.). This is the official fee for your application for permanent residence. This needs to be paid when submitting your application (post-ITA).
  2. Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF): 500 CAD per person. This fee needs to be paid before IRCC issues a Permanent Residence visa. You can choose to pay “Upfront RPRF” along with your Application Processing Fee / Cost Recovery Fee

e.g For an application of 1 primary applicant and 1 accompanying spouse the total official fees to be paid to IRCC will be : Cost recovery fees : (825*2) =1650 CAD + RPRF : (500*2)= 1000 CAD

Please note that the above Canada Express Entry Fee structure excludes the expenses that you will have to incur to get your documents and reports in place. For example, Language tests, ECA, Police certificates, Medical Tests etc all have variable fees depending on your location and organisation selected.

  • Educational Credential Assessment ECA : ~220 CAD (assuming WES; fee varies if other ECA designated body is selected)
  • Language tests : usually around ~245-255 USD range (assuming IELTS; fee varies if other designated body or language test is selected)
  • Police Clearance Certificate : Cost and Processing Time Varies
  • Medical test reports : Cost and Processing Time Varies
  • Additional fee for Provincial Nomination (optional) : Cost varies with the province.
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as certificates, notaries, translations, affidavits etc. (varies based on number and complexity of documents).

Very often, we hear from other applicants that their representative asked for an ‘official’ fee for the creation of Express Entry Profile. This is incorrect. There is no official (IRCC) fee required to create and submit your Express Entry Profile.

Since we are discussing money at this stage, you must also look at the amount of money that you may need to show as your Settlement funds.

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