Many candidates prefer World Education Services (WES) ECAs for Canadian immigration due to their fast processing time, ease of use and competitive fees. It is probably the most common ECA body used by Express Entry applicants. Please note that WES is not the only designated organisation for ECAs. You are free to select other designated organisations mentioned above provided they perform ECAs for your field of education.

If you are on this page and not sure what an ECA is, then you must first go through the following link: Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for Express Entry. To simplify, Education Credential Assessment or ECA is a necessary document to meet Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC immigration program requirements.

A step-by-step guide to getting ECA done from WES Evaluation Process:

Before going through the whole process, it is probably a good idea to take a look at two free tools provided by WES on their official website.

A) Free Degree Equivalency Tool

With WES evaluation process, ECA applicants have an option to use their Free Degree Equivalency Tool before they create an account. This is probably one of the most noteworthy features because it gives you some understanding of the final results that you can expect. In addition, the tool is simple to use and requires only the following info :

  • Last (Family) name
  • First (Given) name
  • Country of residence
  • Email
  • Re-enter email
  • Country of Education:
  • Name of Degree/Diploma:
  • Major (in English):
  • Number of Years of Study: and finally,
  • Institution Attended: ‘Search’ button*

*WES has not listed many education institutions in their database due to several reasons. You may be able to apply for a credential evaluation even if your degree or institution is not currently listed. You can also e-mail WES asking for clarity and they’ll likely write back with further instructions.

B) Documents Required for WES Evaluation and how to send transcript to WES

Depending on your country of education you may either need to ask your university to send transcripts directly to WES or you may have to courier the transcripts yourself. If you are sending documents to WES, ensure that documents are sent in an envelop that is sealed and stamped by the institution. So make sure to check the Documents Required Tool for country-specific document requirement

Furthermore, before you create an account on WES website, it is recommended that you make an informal call to your university and check if they can follow the document requirements. While most universities do understand the process, not all the staff members may be aware of the process, so make sure you get this sorted while you are at the initial stages. If your university cannot follow WES guidelines, then check for another designated organisation for ECA.

Now that you understand WES Free Degree Equivalency tool and the Required Documents required, proceed with Step 1.

Step 1: Create an account with WES and make payment for “ECA package”

Once you have confirmed with your university that they are aware of the process and can follow WES Documents guidelines, proceed with account creation.

Follow this link to create an account and fill out all the requested info. In addition, be aware that WES has several packages meant for different organisations and purposes. For Express Entry make sure that you are on the WES Canada website and ensure that you select the appropriate ECA package when creating the account.

You can make payment for the WES evaluation process by credit card, cheque/money order, or Western Union. WES evaluation cost for ECA package is 220 CAD (excluding charges for delivery and additional services). You can find fee details on this link.

Once you are done creating your account you will get a Reference number. Since WES identifies your documents based on this reference number, it is important that you do not lose this reference number.

Step : 2 Gather and dispatch (or arrange for dispatch of) required docs

As discussed earlier, the documents required depend on the country of education. Your specific documents and dispatch process can be found in this link.

WES Document Submission Checklist

Please use this checklist as a guide to ensure that documents meet WES requirements. Documents not received as specified will delay your credential evaluation.

Remember to:

  1. Carefully follow the document requirements for your country of education.
  2. Use the “Academic Records Request Form” (optional)
  3. Make sure that your transcripts are valid and complete. Transcripts must show: all subjects taken, grades received for each subject, and for each year you were in the program.
  4. Make sure that academic records include the correct spelling of your name and other details. The WES evaluation will indicate the name and date of birth shown on your academic records.
  5. Make sure that all documents that are sent to WES are clear and legible.
  6. Make sure that your reference number is indicated on all envelopes.
  7. Make sure that your transcripts are placed in an envelope that is signed and sealed across the back flap by the institution preparing the documents.
  8. Send only academic records issued by recognized academic institutions. WES does not evaluate occupational or trade qualifications.
  9. Check with your institutions and ensure that transcripts show: all subjects taken, grades received for each subject, and for each year you were in the program.
  10. IRCC accepts ECAs no more than 5 years from date of evaluation.
  11. The standard processing time for Canada ECA is 35 business days.

Please Do NOT send:

  • Personal photocopies of transcripts.
  • Original documents, unless specifically requested.
  • Documentation regarding non-formal training or work experience.

Step : 3 Wait for review to be completed

WES will review the submitted documents as per their guidelines and communicate with you via e-mail when needed. While evaluation will be completed in 35 business days for most cases, there may be delays if the documents submitted are incorrect or if additional verification is needed. There may be delays due to backlog situations.

If you are facing unexplained delays you can e-mail WES asking for updates. You can also monitor the status of your application by checking under the “status” column under “My Orders”.

WES evaluation statuses :

  • Status: In progress
  • We are processing a new document for your application.
  • Once your documents arrived and are reviewed and scanned in the WES system, your account will reflect this status.
  • Status: In progress
  • We are reviewing your document(s).
  • Examiners are reviewing the scanned documents with the physical copies to make sure they are complete and submitted in the manner specified by WES.
  • Status: In progress
  • We are analyzing and evaluating your document(s).
  • Analysts with country-specific knowledge will determine the authenticity and completeness of your documents. 
  • Status: In progress
  • We are reviewing your evaluation.
  • Once evaluators determine that the documents are complete, submitted correctly, and authentic, an estimated date of completion will be issued.
  • Status: On Hold
  • We are waiting for your institution(s) to verify your documents. 
  • Evaluators will reach out to the institution if they determine that your documents require further verification. 
  • Status: On Hold
  • We are waiting for your documents
  • If you have documentation missing. 
  • Status: In progress
  • Your report is under final review and your evaluation will be sent to your recipient(s).
  • Once your documents pass the final phase of quality control, the report will be prepared for sending by mail or email. 

When the evaluation is completed, you will also be able to see 2 new tabs under your Order details : “View Report” tab and “Download ECA report” tab. You can use any of these 2 tabs and see your ECA evaluation report.

A Completed ECA report looks the same as the image provided below. The Ref# and Canadian Equivalency Summary are important and will need to be entered in your Express Entry profile.

You will also be able to track the transit of your ECA report (hard copy) using the tracking IDs provided under My Account. Click on your reference number (1st column highlighted in yellow), and Report Shipping & Tracking.

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