• If you’re not a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, then you might need a study permit for studying in Canada. There may be exceptions to this depending on your current country of residence and special programs / arrangements for certain countries.
  • If your plan is to study for short-term, that is, six months or less, you won’t need a study permit.
  • You may do this on a visitor visa. However, if you want to, you can still apply for a study permit.

How to get a study permit?

Ensure that you have the following before applying for a study permit:

  • A valid travel document or passport
  • An acceptance letter from a DLI (or designated learning institution)
  • Proof you have the means to support yourself and any family members who stay with you during your stay in Canada

Generally, before coming to Canada, you have to apply for a study permit. In certain cases, you can apply when you arrive at the Canadian port of entry. If you are already in Canada, then you may be able to apply for Study Permit from inside Canada.

How to get a study permit faster?

Based on where you reside, you may be able to acquire your study permit quickly through the SDS (or student direct stream). Most of the SDS (or student direct stream) applications are processed within 20 calendar days. However, certain applications take more time. To get faster processing, you should:

  • Meet every eligibility requirement
  • Provide your biometrics as soon as possible.

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