A study permit is an important document that Canada issues to foreign nationals to study at DLI (or designated learning institutions). Majority of the foreign nationals need to equip themselves with a study permit to study in Canada. Before you apply, ensure you have all the documents.

Remember that it isn’t a visa. It won’t let you enter Canada. Also, you may need an electronic travel authorization (or an eTA) or a visitor visa. If your study permit for Canada is approved, we’ll issue one to you along with your study permit.

If you plan to leave Canada during your studies, you may need to prove that you’re enrolled in your school when returning to Canada. If you have electronic travel authorization (or eTA) or a visitor visa, it should still be valid when returning to Canada.

What are Study permits?

A study permit is an immigration document that permits you to study and live in Canada. It’s one of the most important document that international students have. To enroll in a guide, program, or any degree that takes over 6 months to complete, you must have a study permit.

Your study permit offers you legal status within Canada. It also assists you in applying for your work permits, social insurance number (or SIN), and student card. Therefore, you should always ensure that your study permit is valid for the duration of your stay in and your program of study in Canada.

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