Healthcare System in Canada is considered to be one of the best in the world. If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can avail of the public healthcare. According to, it can be summarized in five points.

Healthcare System in Canada

Health Cards – Healthcare System in Canada

Health cards are to be shown when availing of any public medical services in Canada. Each province in Canada has their own health insurance plan. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them prior to arriving in Canada. To know the process on how to secure a health card in your destination province, here’s a link to each.

Health plans in some provinces and territories in Canada may not cover some newcomers within the first three months they are in the country. Check with the ministry of health in your province or territory, and secure extra health insurance if deemed necessary.

Private Health Insurance

The public health insurance in Canada covers all basic medical services that you might need. As mentioned above, you might need an extra health insurance for the first few months of your stay or if you want coverage of other medical services that are not included in government plans. 

Extended health plans are the most common type. They cover costs for:

  • prescription medications
  • dental work
  • physical therapy
  • emergency services
  • Optometry

Your company or organization may also provide extra medical coverage if you work in Canada.

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