People, culture and work have patterns. And if you’re finding it hard to control these patterns you can simply adjust or stay away from them. Canada Weather Tips, on the other hand, is unpredictable, merciless or kind.

Regardless of how accurate forecasters’ devices have become, there’s no denying that one cannot absolutely safeguard oneself self from the shifts of Mother Nature. Living in one place at a time makes it easier to try and do so.

But, what if you move? Transferring from cold climate areas similar to North America and Europe to Canada should be a cinch if you have had experience with similar climatic conditions more or less, still, this doesn’t exempt you from the heat, snow and rain that are to come. So, before you’ve shut your baggage for the long trip to your Canadian career, make sure you’ve prepared yourself for the weather to come.

Here are some tips to help prepare yourself for the Canadian weather:

Canada Weather Tips – Plan Your Wardrobe

Northern Canada is known for its subarctic to arctic climates. People in this country experience terribly long and cold winter months and short, cool to gentle summers. Although you may see most of them brave the winter weather as if they were taking a stroll on a tropical beach, don’t be fooled.

The daily temperature comes close to -15 degrees Celsius and these can still drop to an astonishing -40 degrees Celsius depending on what region you’re in. If you haven’t made it to Canada just yet, make sure you pack a warm jacket, gloves, a beanie or ear warmers to prepare for the cold weather.

Layering your clothing may work, however, insulating clothes that don’t take up an excessive amount of space in your bags should be fine. Make sure to avoid exposed skin in winter. If you already have too many bags to carry, you can always wear some of them during your flight to save yourself from paying for extra luggage.

Unbutton the Cotton

While cotton could appear warm and breathable in warm to hot temperatures, this isn’t enough to battle out the cold. Wool and polyester should be your go-to materials in cold temperatures. In tropical climates cotton would be ideal, however, it’s not a good insulator against Canada’s freezing temperature and winds. In the summer, the most effective wardrobe choices are lightweight polyester jackets for the outer layer, shirts or sweaters with fleece pants or shorts.

Rainy Weather

Although Canada’s weather condition is dry overall, it still receives a lot of rainfall. In fact, the country’s annual rainfall is twice much heavier than London’s, making it one of the rainiest areas by far.

If you find it difficult fitting in an umbrella or raincoat with all of your different luggage, don’t forget to make it a priority to grab one before you land. Thick jackets won’t work in this weather once they get wet. In fact, a soaked jacket is even sure to make you feel colder than you already are.


Just as you must wear thick garments to battle the cold you should wear sturdy footwear to shield your feet. it’s necessary to have a good pair of winter boots. Not only should they be thick, but the material should also have waterproof or water-resistant qualities to make sure that your feet don’t get wet once walking through the thick snow.

Getting your feet wet is unhealthy even in warm weather because the water might cause your feet to become soggy and wrinkled which can cause cracking, peeling and more injuries to your skin. Additionally, once feet get wet, they’re sure to get colder quicker than the rest of your body. Once that happens blood vessels within these extremities can constrict.

And though blood flow is restricted in this area and body heat will concentrate in different areas of your body, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where it’s difficult to move because of the lack of circulation in your legs.

It’s necessary to get proper clothing for the extreme cold winds in Canada. As for summer, well, let’s simply say, it’s more or less identical so you don’t really need to worry about diversifying your wardrobe too much. Regardless of how sunny and bright the country gets, Canada’s cold winds never fail to place chills within the air.

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